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I'm Stephanie Lee. I like to write about all sorts of things. Remember, nothing is foolproof to the sufficiently talented fool.

By way of introductions

By way of introductions

Welcome to Talented Fool, where you'll find my thoughts on just about anything.

This is a blog about all the things around me, what makes me tick, photos of things, opinions on stuff.

I'm from Australia. But I often feel more at home when I'm travelling (sorry Mum). In fact, I'm travelling right now so this might read as a bit of a 'travel blahg' for a while.

The title comes from a quote I once read that has stuck with me all these years "nothing is foolish to the sufficiently talented fool". I don't consider myself particularly talented or foolish, I guess I just liked the sound of it.


Stephanie Lee x.




Osaka wanderings

Osaka wanderings